february 14, 2023

What is modern BI and how is it different from traditional BI

Business intelligence is not new, but the process of collecting, analysing and consuming information is definitely changing. Most companies need to optimise resources and time to deliver results. Few companies today have the luxury of waiting for information, data or reports.

What is modern BI?

Modern business intelligence tries to meet the needs of the average business user with sophisticated features in easy-to-use business intelligence. It offers accessible and flexible tools so that business users can quickly generate reports and share data with others to make decisions and optimise business results.

The design of today’s BI tools takes into account the reality of fast-changing business markets and provides more options for users within an organisation. Every business understands the value of objective metrics and accurate analysis, and today’s BI environment is designed to support these goals at all levels of the organization.

How is modern BI different from traditional BI?

The main difference between traditional and modern BI is flexibility and accessibility. Traditional tools were designed to be used by IT staff, and while these tools provided sophisticated functions, these functions were not available or understood by anyone other than analysts. The tools were not scalable or flexible for mobile devices, nor did they provide manageable automated recommendations.

Modern business intelligence solutions enable and support user adoption and improve ROI and reduce the total cost of ownership for the organisation. It also allows IT professionals and analysts to focus on more strategic goals. But more importantly, modern business intelligence supports collaboration, while ensuring that data is properly managed and secured.

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