Business Process Management

We ensure the operability and growth, adaptation of systems for dynamic business processes, provide consulting, formation of methods and regulations, development of documentation, staff training and system support.

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Our solutions

Lasmart develops and implements software for wholesale, retail, distribution, and merchandising

Development services

Lasmart provides services for every technology available within Microsoft business solution ecosystem. Whether you have a need for Big Data solutions, demandware developer services, or complicated integrations, we assure you that your requirements are met and you get the defined deliverables.

Lasmart develops for ISVs, VARs and end users in ERPs (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales).
Lasmart has worked with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 FFO, BC and Sales versions and associated technologies, including:


An online service for creating layouts and managing merchandise displays in retail outlets.

"Shop Plan" Module

Mobile Application

Equipment and retail shelving editor

Analytics module

Planogram Module

Layout automation

Retail Analytics

A comprehensive retail analytics solution that covers all of retailer’s business information needs, from regulatory management reporting to tools for in-depth analysis of large data sets.

Ready-to-use industry-specific solutions, based on Retail Analytics

Analytical reporting for pharmacies

Analytical reporting for product retail

Analytical reporting for drogeri

Sales Analytics

This analytical system has all the necessary functionality for industry-specific reporting and analysis of company data

Sales Analytics includes several analytical models which covers all main company’s activities:

“Sales” Model - assortment and pricing management

“Accounts” Model - receivables and payables management.

“Logistics” Model – optimisation of goods and inventory turnover

“Procurement” Model – supply optimisation

“Marketing” Model - marketing and customer loyalty management

Retail Data System

An online service that automates data exchange between retail chains and manufacturers

Retail Data System allows retailers to significantly increase the efficiency of interaction with their partners and generate additional revenue through:

Providing up-to-date information to manufacturers online

Optimisation of managers' rota

Controlled and audited communication channel

Joint monitoring of marketing promotions and assortment planning

Business Performance Management

Optimization of all company management processes

BPM (Business Performance Management) systems are designed to optimise all company management processes (planning, organisation of execution, control and analysis). BPM systems help to identify and clearly formulate strategic goals of the company, to develop a plan for with the available resources in mind, and to manage the performance of the organization at all levels, from top management to the frontline employees.

Lasmart develops and implements BPM systems covering all tasks of strategic management, financial management, marketing and operations.

Our Business Performance Management services include:

Building a management system based on the Balance Scorecard

Implementation of a planning and budgeting system

Establishment of a consolidated management reporting and business analysis system

Establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring systems

Business Intelligence

On the basis of dozens of successful projects we have created vertical BI-solutions for the following industries:

BPM-systems are designed to optimize all processes of company management (planning, organization of execution, control and analysis).

BPM systems help to define and articulate the company’s strategic goals, develop a plan to achieve them with the available resources and manage the organization’s performance at all levels, from top management to employees.

Lasmart develops and implements BPM systems covering all tasks of strategic management, financial management, marketing and operations.

Business Intelligence Analytics Systems

System architecture development

OLAP/DW/ETL developing

Formation of methods and regulations

Software development and adaptation

Documentation development

Staff training

Exclusive Features.

Data should underlie every business decision. Yet too often some very cultural artifacts really lead the business down the certain routes.

Provide consultancy and assist in system support

Customized BI-solution development

Conduct staff training

Develop documentation


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Which industries

do we work with?

Having had dozens of successful projects, we created individual vertical BI solutions for the following industries and sectors:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lasmart?

Lasmart is a smart business analyst that improves the manageability of business processes and provides the company’s leaders with the necessary information for effective solutions and long-term growth.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) uncovers insights for making better, data-driven decisions. Business intelligence tools collect, store and analyse data and present findings to create a comprehensive view of a business. 

How business intelligence works

Step 1: Data sourcing for storing and management raw data

Step 2: Creating structure for further data analysis

Step 3: Data reporting and presenting it in an understandable way

Step 4: Taking action on insights in real-time

Step 5: Monitoring and prediction based on previous findings.

Can I use BI tools with my existing business tools and software?

BI tools work seamlessly with software that users are already familiar with. Make a list of the commonly used tools that your BI software needs to connect with — make a list of apps, plug-ins and connectors that your business regularly uses and send it over to us – we will prepare a personal offer for you.

Why is a product display planogram necessary?

The main purpose of the shop floor plan is the efficient sale of goods and the distribution of available space between tenants (suppliers of products). The planogram of the merchandise display is already drawn up by the traders themselves and is intended for merchandisers. The main task of the merchandising plan is to ensure a convenient and logical arrangement of products, a correctly prepared planogram allows to make the process of window display maintenance more efficient and contributes to an increase in sales volumes.

Which platforms do we work on?
  1. Microsoft

Robust platform for enterprises with multiple sales channels, complex CRM system and large data volume

  1. Qlik

Associative model of data handling, built-in support for any mobile devices

  1. Superset

Apache Superset — a software for research and the visualisation of data, built for large data sets.

  1. Prognoz

Fulfills the requirements for industrial BI platforms, which allows for the creation of highly sophisticated business applications in a form of turnkey solutions

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