february 17, 2023

Key features of business intelligence platforms

Intelligence involves making intelligent decisions using historical data to improve existing strategies and outperform competitors.
Today we want to share a list of key features of business intelligence tools that will help any organisation make a huge impact on its customers and ensure smooth operations.



You can create and distribute reports on the fly, without the help of IT specialists. Schedule reports automatically, customise alerts and use conditional formatting features.


Advanced analytics

Allows you to perform complex data operations and analysis. If you are wondering how a future decision will affect your business, you can perform a ‘what if’ analysis using previous data to predict possible outcomes.


Data visualisation 

Beautiful and interactive data visualisations allow you to present complex information in a simple format. Executive dashboards give a real-time overview of the business in the form of graphs, charts, summaries and other information reports. This helps you make smarter, faster and better decisions.


Mobile BI

Mobile Business Intelligence gives you quick access to metrics and dashboards to make smart business decisions. Add comments and share data to facilitate collaboration between team members.


Self-Service Analytics

A robust BI platform should allow everyone in the organisation to interact with data and gain valuable insights regardless of their skills. Self-service analytics capabilities can help increase data culture by making information available to everyone. The right BI solution creates a secure and manageable environment to protect data and ensure integrity without sacrificing flexibility and innovation.


Data integration

No BI solution, even the most powerful, will work if it cannot connect to existing data sources. The right analytics platform should integrate seamlessly with your existing data analytics strategy without additional investment.


Predictive analytics

To succeed in a dynamic business world, you need to make accurate predictions. Predictive analytics use data mining, machine learning, statistics and artificial intelligence to analyse current and historical data to make accurate predictions. They can also analyse customer buying behaviour to assess cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


User security

Suppose you need to restrict the access of certain users to certain data sets. Your BI tool should allow you to personalise BI features and applications to individual users or groups of users.

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