november 15, 2023

Installing Apache SuperSet with Docker on Widows OS

Apache SuperSet is a fairly well-known open source solution in bi-analytics community. The easiest way to install it locally is to use Docker on Linux or Mac OSX. However, most dashboard users use Windows, which, unfortunately, is not supported by SuperSet officially. You can solve the problem by installing Docker on an Ubuntu virtual machine via VirtualBox or by using WSL2 support in Docker Desktop. In our projects we use the second option and in this post we will give instructions on how to install using WSL2.

  1. WSL2 Installation

          1.1 You need to make sure that your Windows 10 build is 19041 or higher. If it is not, it needs to be updated.

          1.2 Next, open PowerShell as administrator and run the wsl install command:

wsl — install

After the installation is complete, you will get a message telling you to restart your computer:
         1.3 After rebooting, the WSl application will be available in the Ubuntu window. If this is the first time you run virtualization on your system, then all necessary components are disabled and the following error will occur:

To fix it, search for «Enable and Disable Windows Components» to enable Hyper V (if enabling Hyper V is not available, you need to enable the virtualization component in BIOS). Press «OK», you will see a message that you need to reboot. Press «Reboot now»:

          1.4 After rebooting, start the Ubuntu application, enter your UNIX username and password.

          1.5 Let’s check access to disk C under Ubuntu: ll /mnt/c/

          1.5 Let’s check access from Windows to the Ubuntu file system: \\wsl$

2. Installing Docker Desktop.

          2.1 Follow the link and download Docker Desktop:

          2.2 Launch the application, in the configuration window set the following checkboxes:

After installation, you will need to agree to reboot your computer and accept the license agreement. The Docker window will start.

          2.3 Go to settings (gear button on the top right), then Resources > WSL integration, enable Ubuntu:

Next, click «Apply & restart» and «Cancel».
         2.4 Log into Ubuntu, check access to Docker from WSL. Run the command docker –v

3. Installing Apache SuperSet

        3.1 Clone the project from github: git clone

          3.2 Go to the superset folder and launch the container

cd superset

sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yml up -d

         3.3 Verify the launch of the container in Docker Desktop

         3.4 Go to http://localhost:8088/ and log in.

login/password: admin/admin

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