january 31, 2023

CASE: GreenShelf service for grocery and convenience store chains

Supermarkets have a wide range of in-house products: fresh bread and pastries from their own bakeries, tasty pre-made meals and confectionery, freshly cut meat, and so on.

The company's key figures:

  • 102 supermarkets

  • 3,000 employees

  • 50 million customers per year

Results from GreenShelf implementation

  • Before the Greenshelf’s Space Planner implementation project, planograms were created in excel schematically by category (also known as schemograms)

  • Quotas are now adjusted by category according to shelf space

  • A process for entering and withdrawing assortments from the matrix is laid out

  • End-to-end workflow for the layout: creation of the planogram - approval - application - follow-up – analysis

  • Increased efficiency of operations in the supermarket: the time required for product layout has been halved, and the item layout has become more convenient and understandable for supermarket staff

  • Reporting system is implemented to analyse the effectiveness of assortment, sales and shelf space management


GreenShelf is a good balance between the relatively affordable cost of the product, its capabilities and functionality.
In implementing GreenShelf, we have fine-tuned and systematically improved a number of important processes.
Thank you to the GreenShelf team for being highly customer-oriented, prompt and professional!

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