december 10, 2022

Development of BI systems: trends

BI systems are used in most areas, so the term is widely known in the business community. At the user level, BI systems are software that helps to work with data, analyse and process large volumes of information. The principle of their work is based on uploading all available data into a central repository, where the information is processed and then it appears in the form of ready-to-use interactive reports and presentations.

The technologies to keep track of in order to stay abreast of developments in BI systems

Trends in the evolution of BI systems

Having traced the evolution of BI systems, trends and forecasts of development made by major research companies, we can distinguish a number of trends:

It can be concluded that the general trend in the development of BI systems is the shift towards simplified analytics and providing a quick and complete view of the problem for anyone interested (including those who may not be adept at analytics)

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