december 26, 2022

CASE: Implementing Retail Analytics
in a pharmacy chains

Lasmart has implemented a BI system in a pharmacy chain.
The analytical reporting of the network is automated with the Retail Analytics solution, developed and implemented by Lasmart. The solution is maintained and developed with the support of the integrator, and the opening of the pharmacy network was a new step not only in the development of the holding’s business, but also in the development of the company’s infrastructure.

The automation of accounting for the pharmacy network is also based on Retail Analytics, tailored for the specifics of the pharmacy retail. In the near future there are plans to consolidate the solution with the previously implemented system, which will allow both to track the effectiveness of the pharmacy network, as well as the impact of its launch on the performance of the participating shops where the pharmacies will be opened.

At the moment, the system processes data on the performance of 9 pharmacies and in the future it will be scaled up to all chain outlets. In total, the chain’s analytical system currently processes around 180,000 receipts daily, with over 1.8TB of data accumulated over its lifetime.

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