december 07, 2022

3 components of an efficient store space

How to make your retail business more efficient with GreenShelf’s online planogram and layout management service.

1. Equipment designer
GreenShelf is a virtual designer of retail equipment for retail stores — you will have access to a base of standard equipment items including dimensions and images of these items and tools for creating your own equipment. Dyring designing, you can choose the type of equipment, shelves and types of layouts.

2. Planograms and hall markings
GreenShelf has all the necessary tools for working with planograms — including macro-planograms editor, automatic product alignment, accounting for marketing agreements/promos and other features.

3. Process Management and Analysis
GreenShelf is integrated with commodity balance, product and pricing management systems: it is a unified merchandising management environment for different retail departments and suppliers. The service collects a full interactive analytics. Among them — trading equipment, layout, sales, matrices.

Lasmart can work in the cloud and on-premise and can easily be customized for any business — it is equally effective for both micro and large retail chains

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